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Reasonably priced with No hidden charges.

Clean and Comfortable accommodation.

Relaxing Atmosphere.

Let’s fish the Clyde.

Apart from our own lochs  we are only 5 mins from the river Clyde.

We hold all the relevant Clyde permits and offer a Clyde introduction tour on request.

Friendly help and advice.


The Fishery provides excellent top of the water fishing with a diverse fly life, offering the angler a challenge in matching the natural hatch.

The lochs are also home to other wild life, some who are resident and other passing through such as dippers, snipe, grouse, swallows, sparrow hawk, cuckoo, spotted wood pecker, water hens, various wag tails, martins, curlews, ducks, oyster catchers, swans, wild geese, and even a lost gannet at one point.

float tubing is welcome at their own risk.

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Loch Cleugh and Loch Lyoch

Both Lochs are on average 5 acres in size each and approximately 26ft to 35ft deep at the deepest point.

Loch Cleugh sits at 1020 feet, and Loch Lyoch sits at 960 feet above sea level.

The water is very clean and clear supplying a wonderful environment for wild stocks of brown trout and stocked rainbow trout to flourish and grow.

A Warm Welcome to the Anglers Holiday Cottages and the Tinto Trout Fishery website, please enjoy your visit and feel free to contact us for any further information about our services.

We want you to experience what we ourselves would want from a holiday and somewhere we would be happy to fish ourselves.