From day one the ethos behind Tinto trout fishery was for quality fishing not quantity.

The lochs are kept very natural and litter is not tolerated, we want you to enjoy your fishing as we would like to enjoy it if we were fishing ourselves.

Due to the lochs having such a natural habitat and the abundance of natural food in the lochs the angler needs to “match the hatch”  when fishing.

These fish are very wise and they do not give them selves up easily but when they do the rewards are great.

Browns in the 3lb to 5lb mark caught each season.  (Best Brown 9lbs 8oz.)

In the interest of conservation all brown trout are to be returned to the water.

Rainbow trout and Blue trout have been stocked in to Loch Lyoch to enhance the fish stock, these fish average around 2lbs.

Loch Lyoch

Munro Reid (Loch Lyoch)

Jim Lees and Marc light (Cleugh)

Quality not Quantity.

Patterns that do well are:

Various Hoppers

Daddy Long legs

Sedge patterns



Various Buzzers

Heather fly


Soldier Palmer

Partridge and orange

Blae and Black

Ace of spades

F flies

Back flies in general