Let’s fish the Clyde fishing holidays.

The river Clyde is renowned for it’s brown trout, grayling fishing and the river has a substantial run of Atlantic salmon every year.

Anglers holiday cottages are located only 5 mins from some of the finest fishing on the river.

The Clyde has always been a working mans river, so the cost of  fishing has been kept very reasonably priced with trout and grayling  fishing from £6 per day and around £50 per season.

Salmon fishing is also very good value with a days salmon fishing on midclyde for £15 and £30 for the UCAPA controlled river.

Coupled with our reasonable priced accommodation a great fishing holiday can be put together at an affordable cost.

When staying with us at Tinto we are happy to give an introduction to the Clyde on your arrival by doing a quick tour of the river locating all the parking areas and areas to fish etc.

We hold all relevant fresh water permits and salmon fishing permits can be arranged on your behalf.

The Clyde is the type of river that gets under your skin, with so much fishing to choose from, long flats, large gravel beds, wide glides, rumbling streams and fast torrents making the Clyde challenging and exciting fishing.

The Clyde brown trout and renowned for their quality, size and very distinctive speckled spots. 2lbs fish are common place and fish up to 6lbs turn up every season.

Clyde Brown trout

Quality grayling can be found through out the Clyde with 2lb fish being common place.

3lb plus fish are caught regularly with a bit of effort by the dedicated.

Clyde Grayling

The upper Clyde salmon fishery is controlled by UCAPA  who start to pick up salmon from June onwards with most fish arriving at the back end of the season in numbers.

Clyde  Salmon

Midclyde Angling association control the lower Clyde salmon fishery.

Salmon can appear on Midclyde around April giving you a good chance of a spring salmon

Clyde Spring salmon