15th March to 16th May: 1st September to 6th October 9AM to 1 hours after sunset

Day Permit:      £15.00.  Catch & Release  

17th May to 31st August:  8AM to 4 PM

Day Permit:       £15.00. Catch & Release

17th May to 31st August:  4PM to Midnight  

Evening Permit: £15.00. Catch & Release.

Holiday cottage guests will pay £10 per session C&R

ALL Brown Trout to be Returned.

2 fish limit for rainbows and blues charged at £5 per fish.

Loch Lyoch holds a good stock of rainbow trout, brown trout and blue trout.

Loch Lyoch

Loch Cleugh has a good head of brown trout some of which are pretty large, all brown trout must be returned.

Loch Cleugh

Scott Freeman PB brown trout

Loch Cleugh Brown trout

100% Wild brown trout

Loch Lyoch Brown trout